Hello Little Investor !

Welcome to The Little Investor.
This is a blog for us ‘do it at homers’. I don’t care if you got a grand or a million, many of us just hate fees’. There’s the BS from brokers, old news from newsletters, expense fees and etc.
Know what I mean?
Yeah, I got a million, but I remember when I was 25 years old and had $900 to my name. I’m 55 now and I want to see some little guys not have to wait as long as I did.
I know ‘alot’, believe me. I was a broker for 14 years and managed 140 million dollars with one assistant. We started with 12 million and wrapped it up with 140 million in ten years! Not bad huh?
Is it rocket science? Puh-leeez………..
It’s about smart investing and planning and shopping and lots of reading and “being a student of the game” as a very successful old friend of mine taught me. But most important it’s about keeping your fees and expenses LOW.
If you are thinking “I don’t have time for all that”, fine….. then go to ESPN and check out sports scores or Amazon and do some shopping instead. Geez.
This blog is for people who love making money. People who get a rush when they score.
Are we on the same page? If we are then this blog will be devoted to you!
Now let me get to work and you stay tuned.
Little Guy

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