Stuck in Neutral

So when will things finally pick up? When will we boom again? When will real estate begin moving again?

I’m not so sure these ideas have enough financial motivation behind them to matter, here’s why…

I was talking to a foreclosure attorney today and he said “if real estate ever picks up…”

I said to him “I was thinking the same thing [with respect to financial markets]”. I mean there’s lots of guys out there making lots of money on this volatility! Seriously.

Take Real Estate and let’s get that out of the way so we can talk about the Stock Market. Write downs on bad loans make the banks bottom line look good and they still own the real estate ?? Wish I could do that.

But back to the stock market. After 14 years behind the desk I can tell you I made money on good days and bad days and so can you. Market heading up I’m buying DIA (for example), Market heading down I’m buying (symbol) DOG. Or better yet I’m putting in the 2 trades at the same time, let’s say the DIA buy (and the appropriate stop-limit sell) with a DOG buy-limit order should the market correct. Now I sit by the monitor and watch. If I’m up 1% (or even less depending on ‘the bet’) BINGO I can pull the trigger. Voila.

Think about it…..If I can cap 1% a day x 200 trading days a year…You do the math.

And if i use leveraged ETFs ?? Investment Banks are having a field day. “Come on boys, what do ya say Caymans’ this weekend?”

The buy-n-hold strategy we grew up with simply is not working now, nor can it in this environment. But, “it’s all good”… you can do much better with this market.

Now, let’s get back to real estate. I think ‘those guys’ are up to the same thing…..

The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer. The numbers bear me out. Is there an answer? Yes

Let’s get rich.

Little Guy


Hello Little Investor !

Welcome to The Little Investor.
This is a blog for us ‘do it at homers’. I don’t care if you got a grand or a million, many of us just hate fees’. There’s the BS from brokers, old news from newsletters, expense fees and etc.
Know what I mean?
Yeah, I got a million, but I remember when I was 25 years old and had $900 to my name. I’m 55 now and I want to see some little guys not have to wait as long as I did.
I know ‘alot’, believe me. I was a broker for 14 years and managed 140 million dollars with one assistant. We started with 12 million and wrapped it up with 140 million in ten years! Not bad huh?
Is it rocket science? Puh-leeez………..
It’s about smart investing and planning and shopping and lots of reading and “being a student of the game” as a very successful old friend of mine taught me. But most important it’s about keeping your fees and expenses LOW.
If you are thinking “I don’t have time for all that”, fine…..┬áthen go to ESPN and check out sports scores or Amazon and do some shopping instead. Geez.
This blog is for people who love making money. People who get a rush when they score.
Are we on the same page? If we are then this blog will be devoted to you!
Now let me get to work and you stay tuned.
Little Guy